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 She leaned back in her chair, retrieved a burning cigarette from an ashtray and glared at the aging face staring back at her from the dresser mirror. These past few years had been hard, and despite being only thirty-five, what she saw in the mirror reminded her of her mother – dead at fifty and looking like she was eighty. That wasn’t going to happen to her; she needed to find a way out of this mess – a way to be something more than the wife of a cop. A cop who would never be anything more than a cop - a nobody.

Drinking the last swallow of whiskey, she looked down at the glass and the remains of her lipstick smeared on the rim.

“Damn,” she said, before throwing the glass against the wall and watching it break into hundreds of pieces. “Damn Martin Greene, damn those bastards he works for and damn you world for taking away the best years of my life!”

She stood, clutched the robe covering her ill-fitting dress and took a step toward the door.  It was time to confront Martin, tell him her feelings and get these problems out in the open. Time for him to live up to all the promises he’d made, but forgotten to deliver. It was time for things to change.

Then she heard the sound – a loud sound.  It echoed through her bedroom and she froze for a moment as a cold chill ran up her spine. It was a sound she’d heard before, but never so close and never in her house. It was a gunshot!

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It’s spring 1962 and a Sergeant with the Memphis Police Department is found dead only hours before his scheduled testimony before a grand jury.

Was it suicide or was it murder?  What was he going to testify about?

A handwritten note left by the Sergeant and addressed to the District Attorney disappears. What was in the note? Was it a suicide note with information regarding his pending testimony or something else?

A woman claiming to have information related to his planned testimony comes forward and seeks protection.

Carson is hired to look into the matter and provide protection to the mysterious woman, but protection from whom?

The situation gets out of hand quickly, and Carson finds himself in trouble with most everybody involved. A dark cloud hangs over the truth, as he tries to determine the ‘good-guys’ from the ‘bad-guys’ from the ‘bad good - guys’.

This old fashion crime story takes Carson Reno and his crew on a complicated adventure, where it seems that no one is looking for a solution.

Join our Cast of Characters and come along to help Carson find the clues and discover the truth, while he tries to understand why everyone has a serious:


                  Lack of Candor

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