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When a potential client turns up dead in his Peabody Hotel room, Carson finds himself in the middle of a six month old armored truck robbery.

Seemingly unconnected, his longtime friend Sheriff Leroy Epsee has been suspended from duty and under investigation for the murder of a political opponent.

Going in circles, Carson believes there is a link but isn’t able to connect the dots. Things heat up quickly.

Shady characters are everywhere, and some are after Carson’s head.

Join our story and come along to help Carson find the clues, search for the truth and try to solve the case of:

  Reckoning  one degree of separation

Innocent until proven guilty is the champion phrase of our legal justice system. Unfortunately for the accused it rarely works that way. Most often they find it necessary to hire someone like myself to help the process along - help our legal justice system remember how it’s supposed to operate.

Not always pretty work, but usually quite rewarding - it pays the rent, keeps the lights burning and goes a long way in covering my ever growing bar tabs.

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