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A man has disappeared while duck hunting and things surrounding his disappearance are troubling.

Carson has been hired by an insurance company to resolve a $1.5 million dollar life insurance claim, but things get quickly complicated. Bodies appear, and it seems that these deaths might be connected to the missing hunter – but how?

It seems that the missing man’s job as an independent truck driver is linked to his disappearance, and perhaps to the mysterious murders. Carson’s investigation unearths some very unusual characters, along with a wife who appears to be interested in everything but finding her missing husband.

Conflicts with the Memphis police are getting in the way of the investigation, and the urgency is escalated when another body is discovered.

This case has more twists than a large bag of pretzels, and just when it seems to be going in the right direction – it changes.

Join our Cast of Characters and come along to help Carson find the clues, search for the truth and try to solve the case of

The innocent


Peter was deep in his thoughts, and might have even been taking a nap, when the sound of an approaching boat brought him back to reality. Maybe it was his friend who had promised to join him or someone else on the river enjoying the day, which wasn’t unusual. But, as they neared his blind he could see that it wasn’t his anticipated friend, and became annoyed when they pulled up into his decoys and turned off their motor.

Standing up, Peter smiled and raised his hand to wave at his visitor. Perhaps it was someone else who had come to join him, or just someone who had lost their way.

He immediately knew something was wrong. The visitor wasn’t waving or smiling – he was pointing his shotgun at Peter’s head.

It was over in an instant – the blast from the visitor’s shotgun removed all of Peter’s face and most of his head.  This day of duck hunting ended early… and violently.

When Peter didn’t return home as planned, alerts from the family sent searchers out into the flooded woods and fields. Despite their efforts, it would be two days before they found his body.

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